Sunday, November 16, 2014

Little Off the Top: Palo Alto Tree Care Calls for Regular Pruning

Tree service companies like Bay Area Tree Specialists can provide professional tree pruning for Palo Alto residences, so you can hire them to do the pruning for you. However, as mentioned above, a lot of pruning work can be done by people on their own. To do basic cuts, take three steps. First, do a small wedge-shaped cut under the branch and remember to prevent any tears from running along the bark or stem tissue. Second, somewhere further up the branch, cut all the way through leaving a stub at the end. Finally, reduce the stub as completely as possible. Since tree pruning can significantly affect the health of a tree, better make sure that if you can’t prune a tree well, hand over the task to experienced professionals instead.

Friday, November 14, 2014

San Jose Tree Care Requires More than Watering Cans and Fertilizer

Trees are a great addition to any property. They provide shade and they improve your home’s curb appeal; however, a lot of people expect trees to take care of themselves like they do in nature and just water them every now and then. Unfortunately, a tree on your lawn is going to need more help, especially if you want it to look its best. Here’s a few tips on tree care for San Jose residents. First, water the tree properly. Leaving it to a sprinkler system is not going to cut it since trees need a considerable amount. The correct way of making sure a tree gets the water it needs is to soak the ground around the tree. If it’s a newly planted tree, the roots haven’t developed yet so the soaking should be done near the trunk. For more developed trees, you’ll have to spread the water out more around the tree’s canopy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Arborist in San Jose: How to Handle Tree Disputes with Your Neighbor

Neighbors can sometimes dispute on the silliest of things: Wi-Fi, loud music, garbage can placements—the list is practically endless. However, one thing that’s definitely not silly to argue about is trees on a property. When a tree branch goes beyond your home’s boundary, or when a fallen tree causes extensive damage to property are really not something to be taken lightly. Determining the right to plant trees near property lines and who pays when trees cause damage are all important issues that could use some clarity. Who to talk to about matters related to trees on a property? A certified arborist in San Jose is a preeminent authority on any issues concerning trees on a property—especially fallen or diseased trees. This type of professional brings an extensive and independent viewpoint to the diagnosis, evaluation, and appraisal of arboricultural issues and may provide legal expertise and arborist reports as necessary.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Palo Alto Tree Removal: Keep Your Property and Family Safe from Fire

Palo Alto literally means ‘tall tree’ in Spanish. As one of its longtime residents, you’ve made it your mission to keep up with the city’s name and protect the trees within your property. Then again, what if doing so has become more of a risk than a reward? Eventually, as trees grow older and develop problems, they become unsafe to be kept. If this is the case, it will be wiser to have a tree removed by a professional Palo Alto tree removal service to avoid any damage to your home and danger to your family. Wildfires: A Real Danger in California California is currently going through a severe drought, and the extreme heat and dryness is taking its toll on a lot of trees in the area. Therefore, firefighting agencies are preparing themselves for conditions that could cause or exacerbate brush fires.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Call on Palo Alto Tree Care Specialists to Protect Your Oaks from SOD

SOD Blitz is a community effort where local volunteers scout various locations for signs of SOD, and gather samples for testing by the Garbelotto Lab at UC Berkeley. There has been no known solution against SOD, but the experts behind the SOD Blitzes advise homeowners to be on alert for signs of the disease, and to immediately have samples tested for proper diagnosis. If SOD is present, management practices, including those listed below, need to be done to stop the infection from spreading.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Expert San Jose Tree Trimming Can Save Your Home From Forest Fires

Two huge wildfires in the state have been all but brought under control by state and federal fire crews. Totaling over 90,000 hectares, the fires that scorched huge areas of El Dorado and Klamath National Forests have been declared 98% and 97% contained. The latter alone has cost the U.S. $87 million to put out. Palo Alto homeowners should be just as alert. Just west of the city are natural reserves like Purisima Creek and El Corte de Madera Creek, small forests but just as prone to wildfires. The embers can be swept by air and dropped onto urban trees in major cities. Preventive measures such as San Jose tree trimming can help reduce the risks to homes.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trust a Palo Alto Arborist for Successful Tree Installation this Fall

Most people think that spring is the best time for planting or installing trees in their backyards. While that may indeed be the case—given that plants have plenty more time to establish their roots during the earlier part of the year—many experts agree that autumn also provides favorable tree-growing conditions. Indeed, The Press Democrat’s Garden Doctors cite the following reasons why property owners would do well to choose the latter part of the year to embark on a landscaping project of this sort. Trees need to be properly planted and maintained, however, to ensure their chances of survival, especially during the first year. Fortunately, you can count on an arborist in Palo Alto to take into account essential factors like tree placement, specie, size, and life expectancy, as well as local ordinances and soil quality, to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Regular Tree Service in San Jose Will Keep These Leafy Beings Healthy

The city of San Jose is abundant with trees. Whether planted in the streets by government employees, nurtured by private citizens in their own backyards or grown by Mother Nature herself, these wooden co-inhabitants of the city are not just making the landscape pleasing to the eyes; they also benefit the whole area. By purifying the air that people breathe and producing food to eat, trees help sustain human life. It is only right, therefore, to take care of them especially if you have one in your property. Giving your leafy backyard residents enough water every day and a space with adequate sunlight are just the basics. To stay healthy, trees need regular servicing as well.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tree Pruning in Palo Alto: Practices to Prepare Trees for Cold Months

While tree trimming is mostly Palo Alto tree care and maintenance efforts, its various techniques are designed to serve a specific function. For instance, crown cleaning is mostly for removing dead, dying, or diseased branches, while crown thinning is mainly for removing branches to restore the tree’s natural shape. There are a lot of factors to consider when pruning, most of which may be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the practice. As such, it’s best for property owners to rely on tree care experts like Bay Area Tree Specialists who are experts in tree pruning best practices.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tree Care in San Jose during Drought: Two Ways to Keep Trees Healthy

Tree trimming by Palo Alto experts gets rid of wilted leaves and pest- or insect-ridden branches, two things common in drought-stressed trees. However, pruning healthy leaves and branches should be avoided since it will affect the trees’ ability to produce the food they need. As with root feeding, pruning is one task that should be assigned to the pros. Pros are well-versed in the right techniques for trimming trees without compromising their health.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Safety First: When Braches Should be Lopped by an Arborist in San Jose

As a standard rule, large trees should be at least 20 feet away from your home. As such, branches creeping toward your home should be lopped off as soon as possible. This should also prevent twigs from collecting in your gutter and blocking the flow of water. For maximum safety, you should have trees on your property inspected by a certified San Jose arborist annually, as well as after a powerful storm. These inspections will alert you to resolve any hazards your tree presents. This way, you can focus on the aesthetic value your tree provides.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Timber! Three Signs You Need to Call a Palo Alto Tree Removal Service

Fungal growth at the base of a tree shouldn’t be ignored. Fungi such as oak root fungus, sulfur fungus, and oyster mushroom can decay a tree from the inside out. When you need to hire professional tree service in San Jose or Palo Alto, be sure to only work with one that employs certified arborists. Removing a tree can be dangerous, especially when located near homes or power lines. As such, you’ll want to leave the task in the capable hands of an expert.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Palo Alto Tree Care Professionals: Tree Topping is a Horrible Idea

People, on the other hand, are also placed at risk. Tree topping weakens the tree’s overall structure, as much of its ability to nourish itself has been taken away. According to a poll on Angie’s List, most homeowners resort to tree topping as a way to prevent storm damage, but this assumption is wrong. Topped trees wouldn’t stand up well to a storm, which may cause them to inevitably fall down onto whatever is immediately under it and endanger lives as well as damage properties in the process. Proper tree pruning in San Jose and elsewhere yields a lot of benefits in the long run. Sure, it can be done thru DIY, but only if an individual is skilled enough for the work. Inexperienced homeowners, however, should always leave the job to capable professionals to achieve desirable results.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tree Pruning Mistakes that Make San Jose Tree Trimming Pros Cringe

Bad timing – Some specific species of trees are best pruned during certain seasons. The best time to prune also depends on a tree’s current condition. For instance, oak trees in Texas must not be pruned between February and June, mainly because oak wilt disease is much more prevalent during those times. Not seeking professional assistance – This is pretty much self-explanatory. People who work with local San Jose tree trimming companies like Bay Area Tree Specialists are well-equipped, well-trained, and much more experienced in doing pruning work, so it’s best to leave the job to them in the first place.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finding the Right Arborist in Palo Alto to Deal with Problematic Trees

So, what are the qualities of a qualified arborist? First, he or she should be a member of certified professional organizations like the ISA. The arborist may also come from a licensed and insured tree care company. To properly carry out their tasks, certified arborists and tree service providers use quality equipment and rely on their superior skills. Arborists have the training to accurately assess, diagnose, and then create a plan to either save or remove the problematic tree. Needless to say, professional tree service in Palo Alto and other nearby areas from established companies like Bay Area Tree Specialists is the best way of dealing with a sick or dying tree.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

San Jose Tree Service: Why Dead Trees Have to Go and Why Call on Pros

Over time, dead and even sick trees become frailer and they can topple onto the ground without warning. As much as a homeowner, or a community wants to keep it, a dead or dying tree can’t stand on its own for long—not to mention that it may do more harm than good. This is when professional services for tree removal in San Jose or any other city in California becomes necessary. Given that proper tree removal calls for specialized equipment and skill, it’s a no-brainer that only certified arborists from established companies like the Bay Area Tree Specialists can get the job done right. Improper removal may cause the tree to fall in the wrong direction or at the wrong time, thereby resulting in severe damage to infrastructure, or worse, end up hurting people within the immediate vicinity. Unless you’re willing to take such serious risks, it’s best that you depend on professional tree service in San Jose and other areas.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tree Care in Palo Alto Ensures Optimum Tree Health and Property Value

First, removing dead and overhanging branches prevents the growth of watersprouts, unhealthy shoots that affect trees’ ability to bear fruit. Second, it keeps your landscape clean and well-manicured, thereby boosting overall curb appeal.

However, since tree pruning involves climbing, which may lead to fall accidents, it is best to entrust this task to Palo Alto tree pruning professionals. According to Kennedy:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

San Jose Tree Care Specialists Keep Your Property Beautiful and Safe

These simple things show just how trees are valued in California, particularly in the Bay Area. However, caring for trees is very different from tending to one’s garden at home. Often, neighborhoods and households are better off calling San Jose tree care experts, like Bay Area Tree Specialists, than attempt the task by themselves as tree care can be very dangerous without the right tools and skills.

Take, for instance, the act of pruning. Some trees like the Valley oak (Quercus lobata), are actually best pruned in the winter months. Reducing the oak tree’s size while it lacks leaves or buds often helps minimize its chances of contracting diseases or being infested with bugs; things that usually occur during summer.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Trust a San Jose Arborist to Detect Sudden Oak Death, Other Diseases

If any tree on your property appears to harbor the disease, you can seek a Palo Alto tree service expert like Bay Area Tree Specialists that can perform proper assessment and treatment before it is too late.

A trusted arborist for San Jose and Palo Alto can check the affected tree and nearby plants for signs of infection. Such a licensed professional can confirm the diagnosis by obtaining a specimen for laboratory analysis.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

San Jose Tree Service Experts Act Fast on Trees Inundated by Saltwater

A San Jose tree service provider like Bay Area Tree Specialists knows that these symptoms require prompt action as a dying tree can pose safety risks for anyone passing below. Property owners, after all, can hardly wish to be held liable for a huge section of the tree falling on a parked car or, worse, a pedestrian.

Prior to cutting down any tree, Palo Alto tree removal experts typically conduct thorough inspections to ensure that a tree is indeed on its last legs. Arborists then cut down sections or entire trees before they inflict serious harm or damage.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Palo Alto Tree Care Experts Explain the Correct Way to Fell a Tree

In many situations, felling a tree is the only way to prevent a potential hazard from happening in a neighborhood. Sometimes, though, felling a tree is, itself, the hazard.

The Internet is rife with tree felling blunders that result in more than just the tree falling down. Most of the fellers shown on internet videos do the cutting themselves, relying on either an axe or a chainsaw, but rarely both.

The observation may be coming from deer management experts, but deer are just as prone to falling trees as everyone or everything else. In California, Palo Alto tree care professionals, such as Bay Area Tree Specialists, apply different methods to safely fell a tree. One of these methods, which is designed to work with forest-sized trees, is likewise recommended by the QDMA.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nesting Season Tree Pruning: Let San Jose Tree Care Specialists Do It

Springtime is nesting season for most birds. Warm temperatures and blooming vegetation provide birds with food and materials for procreation. Trees are the birds’ habitat of choice due to the trees’ multiple benefits: shade, food, and protection, to name some.

When considering to trim or cut down a tree in California for safety reasons, it pays to check it out for nests first, or to call a San Jose tree care specialist like Bay Area Tree Specialists. A little error of omission, such as failing to check for nests before tree trimming, could result in bigger penalties in the state.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting a Palo Alto Tree Service to Remove a Big Stump on Your Yard

The city of Palo Alto, already known for its efforts to protect over 36,000 urban trees of various species, requires residents to take care of trees in their property. The redwood, El Palo Alto, sitting astride San Francisquito creek, for instance, has been declared a heritage tree and is a silent witness to much of the community’s history. Heritage trees are not required to be removed, but if you’ve been forced to have a large tree taken down on your yard and had to contend with the stump being a hazard or eyesore, let a tree service in Palo Alto like Bay Tree Area Specialists deal with it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Expert Tree Service in San Jose Puts Public Safety First and Foremost

When you’ve concluded that a tree in your community could potentially harm the residents, you may call on a tree service in San Jose, such as the Bay Area Tree Specialists, to help you. The arborist team will find ways on how to deal with the problem, starting with an evaluation of the subject property.

In the case of the LBHS, the hillside near the school’s baseball field had a number of eucalyptus trees and thick clumps of heavy brush. The local fire department noted the amount of “dead material” on the slopes and red-flagged it as fire hazards.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Right Time for Palo Alto Tree Pruning for Spring-blooming Trees

On the other hand, spring-flowering trees are best pruned after they finish blooming or when the flowers fade. Pruning these trees when they are dormant or smack dab in their growing season will kill the chances of maximum spring bloom. This is an important rule to keep in mind if property owners want the best out of their foliage.

Some property owners may already know that pruning trees is an important element of tree maintenance. However, there is a right time to do so when it comes to spring-flowering trees. For ideal results, property owners should leave the job to Palo Alto tree care experts like the Bay Area Tree Specialists.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Proper Tree Care in San Jose: Types of Pruning Methods for Shade Trees

With thinning, the overall crown weight is significantly reduced, allowing for better light penetration and air movement. This type of tree pruning, which Palo Alto tree trimming companies can do, promotes vigorous growth for the remaining branches and shoots.

Many homeowners can’t imagine their yards empty of trees. They must remember, though, that proper tree maintenance comes into play to ensure these nature’s wonders provide the beauty and shade they deserve.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Stop Deterioration of Bay Area Trees with a Tree Service in Palo Alto

Homeowners with various tree types in their property should engage the services of a reputable arborist in San Jose for tree maintenance. Not only do tree services like the Bay Area Tree Specialists know the proper time and technique to prune native California trees, but they can also expertly handle the tools used.

Pruning is a necessary task to ensure that trees are well-maintained and are in their finest form. Ill-timed pruning, however, can lead to a tree’s demise. Hiring tree experts is the best solution to ensure proper care of trees.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tree Service in San Jose Helps Residents Deal with Problematic Trees

For any problematic trees in the Bay Area, it is important to call a reputable Palo Alto tree removal service or arborist. A tree removal service like Bay Area Tree Specialists has the necessary knowledge and equipment to make the arduous and dangerous task of tree removal as quick and as safe as possible.

Trees are necessary for the health and well-being of a community. However, a balance between nature and technological advances should be established, and trees that affect people’s everyday lives should be treated accordingly.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Proper Tree Care in Palo Alto Helps Reduce Tree Diseases and Hazards

The least that could happen is for a tree to weaken and die. Weak tree limbs suspended above property, power lines, and traffic are accidents waiting to happen. Some homeowners have also had the unfortunate experience to be injured while attempting to prune their trees.

Professional tree care specialists and arborists handle tree care in a responsible manner and in so doing help prevent the hazards associated with having a tree around. When it comes to tree pruning in San Jose, arborists like Bay Area Tree Specialists start with a careful inspection, formulate a detailed plan, then proceed to actual pruning and trimming with precision and extreme care.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

San Jose Tree Care in Spring Requires Careful Planning, Experts Say

If you can wait for a few months until the hatchlings are old enough to fly on their own, it would be great. Otherwise, contact your local wildlife center for help.

San Jose tree care experts like Bay Area Tree Specialists have respect for wildlife. These arborists take note of the possible presence of animals, especially birds, before any pruning commences.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Turn to a Palo Alto Arborist for Tree Restoration after Severe Weather

Young trees and older trees with thin barks, like birch trees, are especially vulnerable to hail. The wounds trees can sustain due to hail driven by wind can start off insect infestation and should, therefore, be treated with tree wound dressing right away. Locals can also rely on high-precision pruning services from a reliable Palo Alto tree service company like Bay Area Tree Specialists for the prompt removal of broken tree branches.

At times, though, weather-related damage to trees can be so severe that they may have to be removed rather than treated. If one has an El Palo Alto in the yard—i.e. the very tree after which the city of Palo Alto was named—and 50 percent of the trees in the lot are affected by wind or storm damage, chances are, the eponymous tree may not be able to make it through another season. Fortunately, homeowners can rely on an experienced arborist to remove the affected trees with no damage to their properties.

Monday, April 7, 2014

San Jose Tree Service Maintenance Tips: General Tree Pruning Basics

Selective pruning can also help improve a tree’s growth. Clustered branches can be reduced so that smaller, undesirable branches do not retard the growth of larger, more desirable branches. Branches are also removed to keep them from rubbing against each other, which strips their bark and makes them vulnerable to disease and insect infestation.

Whenever experienced arborists prune a tree, it can sometimes seem like they’re simply picking buds and branches to trim at random. However, when done incorrectly, pruning can cause enough damage to kill a tree and warrant a call to a San Jose tree removal company.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Expert Trimming and Pruning in Tree Care for Palo Alto and Bay Areas

Taking care of the greens in your front and back yard requires meticulous attention and work. As with most things, upkeep of garden shrubs and trees needs to properly timed. Joshua Siskin of the Los Angeles Daily News expounds on some issues in tree care that Palo Alto and the Bay Areas may be concerned with.

Both pruning and trimming involve the process of cutting the loose or dead ends of trees. The difference lies in the purpose. Pruning is more for the growth of the tree and surrounding plants. On the other hand, trimming is more aesthetic in nature. The methods employed follow the principles of arbor services and horticulture.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Tree Care in San Jose Can Help Sellers Get Top Dollar for Their Home

When trees have unruly canopies, however, they become more of an eyesore than an attraction. What’s more, strong winds can snap off their branches, which can then damage surrounding properties or even injure kids and pets. So before selling your home, get professional tree trimming in Palo Alto first to keep them beautiful and safe.

Of course, be sure to hire only trusted companies like Bay Area Tree Specialists, which offers tree care in San Jose, Palo Alto and the surrounding areas. Inexperienced trimmers often make too many cuts that can stress the tree and alter its natural shape, so don’t take your chances with less established firms.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Palo Alto Tree Service Can Help Keep Your Trees Beautiful and Safe

There comes a time when it’s necessary to prune or cut trees in a property. Trees that are diseased, dying, dead, have grown too big, or have branches that extend to where they shouldn’t be pose safety risks. One Mi-Wuk Village family experienced the danger of leaving trees uncared for firsthand; relates the news.

It is fortunate that no one was harmed during the incident. Still there’s no denying that the incident proves the importance of having the trees on your property, pruned, cut, and cared for as necessary.

While pruning hedges and small branches can be done by anyone, a professional San Jose arborist is needed to cut a tree’s large branches or remove the tree completely. Professional arborists use special tools for cutting trees. Plus, they are trained to do this type of job safely and successfully.

Monday, March 10, 2014

San Jose Tree Service on Care: Factors to Consider when Planting Trees

Planting and growing a garden in your very own backyard is one of life’s simple joys – you create a home surrounded by nature, and get to breathe fresher air every day. With efficient San Jose tree service, you can take this one step further by giving your plants the proper maintenance that they need.

Companies like Bay Area Tree Specialists should be able to help you in your gardening needs, be it pruning or tree removal in Palo Alto or San Jose. Never forget the maintenance needs of your trees – this should be the most efficient way to aid in their growth and continued health.