Thursday, April 10, 2014

Turn to a Palo Alto Arborist for Tree Restoration after Severe Weather

Young trees and older trees with thin barks, like birch trees, are especially vulnerable to hail. The wounds trees can sustain due to hail driven by wind can start off insect infestation and should, therefore, be treated with tree wound dressing right away. Locals can also rely on high-precision pruning services from a reliable Palo Alto tree service company like Bay Area Tree Specialists for the prompt removal of broken tree branches.

At times, though, weather-related damage to trees can be so severe that they may have to be removed rather than treated. If one has an El Palo Alto in the yard—i.e. the very tree after which the city of Palo Alto was named—and 50 percent of the trees in the lot are affected by wind or storm damage, chances are, the eponymous tree may not be able to make it through another season. Fortunately, homeowners can rely on an experienced arborist to remove the affected trees with no damage to their properties.

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