Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Palo Alto Tree Care Experts Explain the Correct Way to Fell a Tree

In many situations, felling a tree is the only way to prevent a potential hazard from happening in a neighborhood. Sometimes, though, felling a tree is, itself, the hazard.

The Internet is rife with tree felling blunders that result in more than just the tree falling down. Most of the fellers shown on internet videos do the cutting themselves, relying on either an axe or a chainsaw, but rarely both.

The observation may be coming from deer management experts, but deer are just as prone to falling trees as everyone or everything else. In California, Palo Alto tree care professionals, such as Bay Area Tree Specialists, apply different methods to safely fell a tree. One of these methods, which is designed to work with forest-sized trees, is likewise recommended by the QDMA.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nesting Season Tree Pruning: Let San Jose Tree Care Specialists Do It

Springtime is nesting season for most birds. Warm temperatures and blooming vegetation provide birds with food and materials for procreation. Trees are the birds’ habitat of choice due to the trees’ multiple benefits: shade, food, and protection, to name some.

When considering to trim or cut down a tree in California for safety reasons, it pays to check it out for nests first, or to call a San Jose tree care specialist like Bay Area Tree Specialists. A little error of omission, such as failing to check for nests before tree trimming, could result in bigger penalties in the state.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting a Palo Alto Tree Service to Remove a Big Stump on Your Yard

The city of Palo Alto, already known for its efforts to protect over 36,000 urban trees of various species, requires residents to take care of trees in their property. The redwood, El Palo Alto, sitting astride San Francisquito creek, for instance, has been declared a heritage tree and is a silent witness to much of the community’s history. Heritage trees are not required to be removed, but if you’ve been forced to have a large tree taken down on your yard and had to contend with the stump being a hazard or eyesore, let a tree service in Palo Alto like Bay Tree Area Specialists deal with it.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Expert Tree Service in San Jose Puts Public Safety First and Foremost

When you’ve concluded that a tree in your community could potentially harm the residents, you may call on a tree service in San Jose, such as the Bay Area Tree Specialists, to help you. The arborist team will find ways on how to deal with the problem, starting with an evaluation of the subject property.

In the case of the LBHS, the hillside near the school’s baseball field had a number of eucalyptus trees and thick clumps of heavy brush. The local fire department noted the amount of “dead material” on the slopes and red-flagged it as fire hazards.