Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why Are The Services of An Arborist In Palo Alto Important?

Palo Alto is a beautiful area with many different types of greenery, including a wide variety of trees. The ones that are the best looking and the best maintained are the ones that are taken care of by an expert arborist Palo Alto CA. Arborists do a variety of different types of work one of them being taking care of the health of trees so that they will look beautiful for as long as possible. Another task arborists will do is removing trees from both residential and commercial property as necessary.
The typical arborist in Palo Alto will have gone through specialized training in the study of trees and plants. Some people will go so far as to say arborists are tree scientists. Since every state has a slightly different ecosystem with different types of trees, arborists also become specialists in the trees that are in their respective areas.

There are a variety of reasons a person may want to remove a tree from their property, but the reasons generally fit in two categories: safety and needing space for renovations. Sometimes a tree is located precisely where a room, house or business extension needs to be built. It’s impossible to build around the tree, so the tree must be removed. Another reason to remove trees is for safety concerns. Trees age and sometimes when they age, they become a hazard. Loose branches can fall down on people and property during even moderate winds. Sometimes the entire tree is at risk of falling. There have been innumerable incidents where children and adults alike have got hurt due to trees falling due to strong winds. That is why it is always better to get such trees removed at the earliest. 

The decision to remove a tree should not be taken lightly. Trees serve many good purposes including preventing soil erosion and providing shade and fresh air. If you’ve come to the decision to remove a tree, especially on residential land, it’s best that you hire a professional to do the job. You might be tempted to try to save money and do the job on your own; however, a perfect arborist Palo Alto CA will be your best choice to making sure the tree removal is done correctly. Correctly means that the tree is removed in such a way that the surrounding area and ecosystem is disrupted as little as possible. Then the branches are taken away and the stump is chipped. Some places that hire arborists will take the branches from trees, chip them and repurpose them for gardens and such. There are some furniture makers that would love to take away the stump and craft eco-friendly chairs and tables. 

Removing a tree, especially a large one, requires more effort and skill than it appears to on the surface. When you hire a tree removal professional, you’ll get someone who knows what they’re doing and has the equipment to get the work done.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Observing Proper Tree Care in Palo Alto: The Benefits of Tree Pruning

The trees around your Palo Alto or San Jose neighborhood are complex organisms. While many people might think that taking care of a tree is as simple as making sure it gets watered every day, the process actually requires much more work than that. One of the most common and important tree maintenance activities is pruning. Tree pruning helps in controlling a tree’s growth. The process of snipping off some branches at certain intervals helps ensure a tree maintains good structure and appearance. Also, as a tree grows, some of its branches will die and rot. Cutting off these dead branches will protect the rest of the tree from the insects and decay-causing organisms that might have found a home on them.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

San Jose Tree Trimming Pros Needed for the Early Removal of Dead Trees

The dead trees were removed, within the deadline set by the City, but the urgency given by the city officials to the removal of the trees highlights the hazards these present. Dead trees around the San Jose area should be removed by San Jose tree care pros because they’re weak, and might shed branches in a storm or even a simple windy day. Falling branches can damage nearby structures and objects, or even injure people and animals that may be passing underneath. The Bay Area might not be known for gusty winds at all, but the recent storm that hampered holiday travel last November 30 proves that no one can ever take chances.