Monday, October 27, 2014

Call on Palo Alto Tree Care Specialists to Protect Your Oaks from SOD

SOD Blitz is a community effort where local volunteers scout various locations for signs of SOD, and gather samples for testing by the Garbelotto Lab at UC Berkeley. There has been no known solution against SOD, but the experts behind the SOD Blitzes advise homeowners to be on alert for signs of the disease, and to immediately have samples tested for proper diagnosis. If SOD is present, management practices, including those listed below, need to be done to stop the infection from spreading.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Expert San Jose Tree Trimming Can Save Your Home From Forest Fires

Two huge wildfires in the state have been all but brought under control by state and federal fire crews. Totaling over 90,000 hectares, the fires that scorched huge areas of El Dorado and Klamath National Forests have been declared 98% and 97% contained. The latter alone has cost the U.S. $87 million to put out. Palo Alto homeowners should be just as alert. Just west of the city are natural reserves like Purisima Creek and El Corte de Madera Creek, small forests but just as prone to wildfires. The embers can be swept by air and dropped onto urban trees in major cities. Preventive measures such as San Jose tree trimming can help reduce the risks to homes.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trust a Palo Alto Arborist for Successful Tree Installation this Fall

Most people think that spring is the best time for planting or installing trees in their backyards. While that may indeed be the case—given that plants have plenty more time to establish their roots during the earlier part of the year—many experts agree that autumn also provides favorable tree-growing conditions. Indeed, The Press Democrat’s Garden Doctors cite the following reasons why property owners would do well to choose the latter part of the year to embark on a landscaping project of this sort. Trees need to be properly planted and maintained, however, to ensure their chances of survival, especially during the first year. Fortunately, you can count on an arborist in Palo Alto to take into account essential factors like tree placement, specie, size, and life expectancy, as well as local ordinances and soil quality, to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Regular Tree Service in San Jose Will Keep These Leafy Beings Healthy

The city of San Jose is abundant with trees. Whether planted in the streets by government employees, nurtured by private citizens in their own backyards or grown by Mother Nature herself, these wooden co-inhabitants of the city are not just making the landscape pleasing to the eyes; they also benefit the whole area. By purifying the air that people breathe and producing food to eat, trees help sustain human life. It is only right, therefore, to take care of them especially if you have one in your property. Giving your leafy backyard residents enough water every day and a space with adequate sunlight are just the basics. To stay healthy, trees need regular servicing as well.