Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Palo Alto Tree Care Experts Explain the Correct Way to Fell a Tree

In many situations, felling a tree is the only way to prevent a potential hazard from happening in a neighborhood. Sometimes, though, felling a tree is, itself, the hazard.

The Internet is rife with tree felling blunders that result in more than just the tree falling down. Most of the fellers shown on internet videos do the cutting themselves, relying on either an axe or a chainsaw, but rarely both.

The observation may be coming from deer management experts, but deer are just as prone to falling trees as everyone or everything else. In California, Palo Alto tree care professionals, such as Bay Area Tree Specialists, apply different methods to safely fell a tree. One of these methods, which is designed to work with forest-sized trees, is likewise recommended by the QDMA.


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